Teaching the Kiowa Language, Traditionally

We brought cameras and audio gear to capture and preserve Kiowa Elders speaking Kiowa.

While there are books and reference materials helping to teach the Kiowa language, nothing compares to actually hearing a Kiowa speaker speaking Kiowa. Listening to Native speakers speaking Kiowa is the best way to hear our unique sounds, understand usage and get started learning our Kiowa language.

Bernadine Rhoades, Martha Koomsa Perez and Lance White provide insights and lessons on learning to speak Kiowa.

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Learning Kiowa


Watch Kiowa elders and members discuss the importance of preserving and using the Kiowa language. Tribe Elders share how they learned the Kiowa language, the importance of preserving our language, and their memories of growing up with their grandparents, the last Free Kiowa. (22 minutes)


Bernadine H. Rhoades

Introduction to the Kiowa Language

Kiowa Elder Bernadine Rhoades has spoken Kiowa since birth. It’s the language she grew up speaking daily. Bernadine introduces viewers to the unique sounds of the Kiowa language and some basic conversational words.


Martha Koomsa Perez

Kiowa Language Lesson 1

Martha Koomsa Perez learned to speak Kiowa from her father Bill Koomsa. She is dedicated to teaching others the Kiowa language. In her first lesson, Martha provides background on the language while teaching words for every day use.


Martha Koomsa Perez

Kiowa Language Lesson 2

Kiowa Speaker Martha Koomsa Perez continues providing lessons on the Kiowa language. She reviews the unique sounds used in the language and discusses words that sound alike.


Martha Koomsa Perez

Kiowa Language Lesson 3

Kiowa-speaker Martha Koomsa Perez encourages viewers to use the Kiowa language in daily life. She reviews common Kiowa words and conversational phrases to use in daily life.


Lance White

Kiowa Language Lesson

Lance White was raised by his grandparents. Their only language was Kiowa. Lance shares his knowledge of common Kiowa words and conversational phrases to use in daily conversations.


Heartfelt Thanks

To tell the story of learning the Kiowa language, we needed a variety of viewpoints, from the wisdom of elders to the youthful yearning to learn of the next generation.

None of these videos would have been possible without the support of the Kiowa tribe and the brave individuals that faced our cameras and shared with us and the future.

To all,

Kiowa Storytellers